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Ne face o deosebita placere sa subliniem colaborarea excelenta pe care am avut-o cu Antrepriza de Constructli Montaj Special SA la realizarea noului nostru Complex Hotel si Birouri – Continental Expres – Hello, situat in Calea Grivitei nr. 143, Sector 1, Bucuresti, constand intr-o cladire cu o suprafata totala construita de aproximativ 9.700 mp (S+P+M+8E), din care spatii de birouri aproximativ 2.700 mp, spatii de hotel aproximativ 3.000 mp, restaurant aproximativ 450 mp, parcare subterana aproximativ 1.000 mp, alte spatii publice, circulatii si spatii tehnice aproximativ 2.550mp.

ACMS se prezinta ca o antrepriza generala solida, cu un management activ, organizare performanta, dotare tehnologica adecvata si un sistem propriu de asigurare a calitatii in conformitate cu standardele ISO 9001/2001, SERN ISO 14001/2007 sl OHSA5 18001/2008.

ACMS si-a onorat cu promptitudine si corectitudine obligatiile contractuale, incadrandu-se in bugetul si termenele lucrarii si manifestand permanenta disponibllitate pentru rezolvarea solicitarilor noastre ca Beneficiar.

Recomandam calduros societatea ACMS drept un partener serios si performant, capabil sa duca la bun sfarsit proiecte complexe, atat printr-o coordonare riguroasa a lucrarilor cat si prin executia la un nivel de calitate ridicat a acestora.


English version:

We are very pleased to underline the excellent cooperation we experienced with ACMS in developing our new mixed function Hotel & Offices Complex – Continental Expres – Hello, situated in Bucharest, 143 Calea Grivitei, 1st District. The complex includes a building with a total built area of approximately 9,700 sq m (basement + ground floor + mezzanine+ 8 floors), of which 2,700 sq m of offices space, 3,000 sq m hotel, a restaurant of 450 sq rn, 1,000 sq m underground parking, other common spaces, circulations and technical areas of approximately 2,550 sq m.

ACMS is a well established general contractor, with a pro-active management, adequate technological equipments and its own certified quality system according to ISO 9001/2001, 5ERN ISO 14001/2007, SA8000/2008 and OH5A5 18001/2008 standards.

ACMS has honored in a promptly and accurate manner its contractual obligat ions, according to the approved budget and complying with the project deadline, expressing its constant availability to resolve our requests as beneficiary. We underline that both the opinion of the general designer and our own have been favorable upon the finalizing of the project. and the handover of the works has been done in optimal terms, in accordance to contractual stipulations. We would also like to emphasize the fact that the General Contractor ACMS did not cause the final handover to be delayed.

We strongly recommend ACMS as a reliable and competent partner, capable of finalizing complex projects, by a strict coordination of the tasks, as well as by a high quality level of the works performed.